About Paul


My paintings in oil, watercolour and mixed media and drawings in charcoal and ink are expressive interpretations of familiar subjects - , landscape, still-life, the nude, ancient myths and stories.

The joy of mark making and elements of chance lead to distinctive and unusual images. I create collections of work, which freely interpret my visual experience - through drawings, photographs, memories and feelings -  leading to colourful and unique expressions, in paint.

Working in the tradition of British romantic landscape painting, ( Paul is inspired by Palmer, Turner and Piper), and energised by a fresh perspective McKee’s haunting, and memory-infused, work is invested with an abstract twist – making the paintings suggestive, dream-like and full of poetry.  
Anna Saunders, Cheltenham Poetry Festival

I have exhibited widely in the UK and have work in public and private collections at home and abroad.

I trained at Liverpool School of Art and University College London, achieving a BA Hons. Fine Art, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and an MA in Museum Studies. 

I have spent much of my life working in museums, as a curator and exhibitions officer and this has given me a wealth of experience and a broad knowledge of art history and artistic expression. I am now a freelance artist and teacher and a moderator and advisor for young people's Arts Awards. I teach watercolour painting at home and on cruise ships, all over the world and I am a member of Cheltenham Group of Artists.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my work, most of which is for sale.

I am happy to undertake commissions and decorative schemes. Please contact me, via these pages or directly and leave a comment, or contribute to my ocassional blogs.