I taught a life drawing class, in Cheltenham this week, for the first time in quite a while.  I always encourage student who want to sharpen their observation and drawing skills to attend life classes and I try to do the same, when I can.  Coincidentally, I have been clearing out some drawers, in my studio and came across lots of old life drawings.

Most classes, or sessions begin with short poses, by the model, in order to help artists warm up, by drawing quickly and trying to get a sense of the figure quickley without fussing over detail. This means that one ends up with lots of sheets of paper covered with little more than scribbles.  I have thrown most of these out, but sometimes they are worth keeping, because they have

I often mention Paul Klee, when I teach watercolour painting. He was not only a great artist, but a great teacher and what follows gives a little insight into some of his lessons  


How to Be an Artist, According to Paul Klee 

I am often asked for further resources when I teach watercolour classes, at sea and on land, so I have created this blog which covers many of the areas we explore.  I will add illustrations and further classes, in time.

11. Andalucian Landscape

An introduction to watercolour painting

Watercolour painting is great

I have had a lot of fun doing doggy portraits of late. With Christmas approaching, I have had commissions to draw friends and neighbour's dogs and even a commission via Facebook from wildest Devon.  I love dogs and I have enjoyed the medium of coloured pencils.

.IMG 0325 2     

Time has flown since we returned from New Zealand and I have not kept this blog up-to date. I even have a list of cruises below, which includes one in April that we didn't go on, due to a double booking. Sorry if you took this cruise expecting my classes, but I'm sure the other tutor was