I've been very quiet on here for a while, as I've been out of the country, enjoying time with family in Australia and New Zealand.

We had a wonderful week with Mortons in Sydney.  My Uncle Jim is my mum's brother and, at 94, is still enjoying his second career, as a full time artist.  I hope and pray that I may have his talent, energy and longevity.  We then flew to Queenstown, in New Zealand, to spend time with our son Robin and his wife Kana.  During our time there we took a road trip up the west coast of the South Island, to experience Alps, Ocean and Glaciers, before returning to Queenstown for Christmas and New Year.

Rob and Kana left Queenstown in the New Year and, whilst delivering their car to their new home in Nelson, Loretta aand I took a trip up the East coast and enjoyed whale watching at Kaikoura.  We left Nelson and had a fantastic time in the North Island. including a beach holiday, in the Bay of Plenty.

I'm not the sort of artist who fills sketchbooks, on such a trip.  I take lots of photos and do the odd watercolour, but I bring home lots of memories and ocasionally, inspiration for paintings.  R & K's place in Queenstown overlooked the Remarkable mountains, as they overshadow Lake Wakakatipu and I became fascinated with their size and colour and how they seemed to constanly change.  I photgraphed and sketched them and I hope to bring to bear my emotions and memories, back in the studio, in order to create new and unique paintings.

Below are some of my attemps to capture this remrkable geological wonder, including some new work back in my studio 

Watch this space.....

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P1060924 640x446




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+1 #1 Loretta 2016-10-24 13:18
What a fantastic trip.