Time has flown since we returned from New Zealand and I have not kept this blog up-to date. I even have a list of cruises below, which includes one in April that we didn't go on, due to a double booking. Sorry if you took this cruise expecting my classes, but I'm sure the other tutor was brilliant.

I have continued to be inspired by the Remarkable Mountains, near Queenstown and I have completed a couple of canvasses, on the theme. One of them is now sold and will, hopefully hang in Cheltenham General Hospital. I have also been putting some small works in large white frames, which I think really enhances their impact. One of them is on display currently at the Gardens Gallery, in Cheltenham, as part of a Cheltenham Group exhibition.

P1060971 640x447


Recently I've been playing around with watercolours, inspired, as ever, by a vase full of flowers.  I love just looking and trying to capture the essence of flowers.  I think that we can make art from the simplest motif and I always seem to start with the most prosaic interpretation, before having some fun and creating new images, with a little more feeling and expression  I have attached a few images, which I hope go some way to explaining that process.  Most are wet-in-wet watercolours apart from one, which has pastel added.  Please let me know what you think.


P1070014 472x640

P1070015 477x640

P1070016 471x640

P1070017 460x640

P1070018 483x640

P1070018 483x640

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P1070020 467x640

P1070021 447x640





P1070021 447x640


0 #4 Paul McKee 2017-01-13 16:04
Cheers Elaine,

Good luck and I hope we can catch up on a cruise, this year. Xx
+1 #3 Elaine Whelan 2017-01-13 11:46
This is beautiful. Very helpful too as I'm challenging myself to do a watercolour sketch each day in 2017.
I'm hoping that I will actually be able to do a decent sketch in an hour by the end of the year.
Still Life and watercolour are both out of my my comfort zone so it's practice, practice , practice for me this year.
Best Wishes
+1 #2 Paul 2016-10-08 21:58
Thanks for your comments Ali. The first response I've had to my blog. I didn't think that visitors could leave comments. You are a star! X
+1 #1 Ali 2016-05-15 09:18
The joys of digital media and being able to view work in sequence. It presents all sorts of possibilities. Lovely Paul. I love painting flowers too. Interesting how each stage has a different emphasis. The early stages display the structure of both plant and composition. The later stages have more emphasis on texture.