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Home from a lovely cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, teaching aboard MV Azores.

It was wonderful to join the ship in my home town of Liverpool and sail down the River Mersey. The ship is tiny, but beautiful and the crew are attentive and kind.  We taught in the main restaurant and classes ranged from over 30 participants to a more manageable 20 or so.  We covered subjects such as materials and what they do, colour and colour perspective, wash, wet-in-wet, stopping out and lifting off.  By the last session, everyone was capable of creating an effective and beautiful painting of the Fjords.  It's wonderful to see how those who have not painted since schooldays, quickly become able and excited and hopefully inspired to

Rocks& Flowers
Recent work by Paul McKee
An exhibition of painting and drawing at The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum.
25 June – 9 August 2015

Paul McKee is used to working behind the scenes (as Senior Exhibitions Officer) at The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, but

Just back from a trip to Devon, Cornwall and Warwickshire.

I delivered 3 more paintings to the Jessica Dove Gallery in Ilfracombe and I do hope that she sells a few during this holiday period.  We camped for two nights at the wonderful Newberry Valley site in Combe Martin - a beautiful place

My exhibition Rocks & Flowers, opens to the public today, at The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum.  It runs until 9 August.

Every so often I put myself through this and it has got me thinking, why?  We daubers and scribblers live fairly isolated lives.  Unlike actors


"Fare thee well to Pricess Landing Stage, River Mersey fare thee well........"  I must have sung that song about sailing away from my home town a thousand times. Loretta and I sang it in public for eight years, when we were in the Navvypoets, we sing it at gatherings of family and