I know we are in the middle of January, but I'm much more relaxed about time and dates, now that I no longer work for de man.

2014 was a massive year for me.  Having spent over 30 years in full time work, I knew that things had to change.  I had been a teacher, museum education officer, curator of fine art, exhibitions officer and arts development officer; I knew that cut-backs were on the horizon and that my job was likely to change, or be lost.

It has not been easy to continue to paint and work full-time, whilst bringing up a family, but I have always tried to keep my hand in and occasionally exhibit my work.  Now there is just Loretta and I at home and I have had the luxury of a small studio (well a cold and damp


I did write some thoughts on Turner ages ago, when I had just seen the movie and the exhibition, but it seems not to have publiished!  Let's try again.

First the movie, Mr. Turner.

Some of the cinematography was stunning, as was the central performance from Timothy Spall, but I was

It has been a busy time of late, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

In my previous life as Arts Development Officer in Cheltenham, I attended a meeting at the Everyman Theatre to plan activities and events to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WWI.  I suggested, at the time that we

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We are back in the UK a little earlier than planned, as a family crisis meant flying back from Palma, Majorca.  Thank you to the Entertainment staff on board for being so helpful and those who attended my classes, for being sympathetic and understanding.

It was quite a challenge using our