I'm not a very clubable person and I have avoided membership of art soccieties over the years.  However, having seen exhibitions by the Cheltenham Group of Artists over a seventeen year period, it was clear that this group, with a history dating back to the early years of the Twentieth Century, was a cut above the rest.  I am very grateful that they wanted me to join them.  I have shown work in their touring exhibition In Celibration of Shakesspeare and attended my first meeting. It seems that I'm now on the commitee - although I certainly did not volunteer - and I look forward to exhibiting with them again, later this year and in the Spring and Autumn of next year.  See exhibitions for updates.

Off to the Med on a big ship tomorrow to teach watercolour painting.  I've been doing it for about ten years and love it.  Apart from the free cruise, it's lovely to meet lots of new people, who genuinely want to learn to paint. We meet for short periods on sea days and it is great to see

Today I should have been at a meeting about the future of local arts provision. I didn't go. Part of me thinks that I should keep in with local arts providers and not let my contacts in the sector forget me, but then again, I've spent years in meetings and not nearly enough time making art. I

I’ve got groovy new business cards too, which echo the design of this site.  Hope you like them.


Next up is a trip to the Med, to teach watercolour painting aboard MS Oriana – Cadiz, Barcelona, St. Tropez, Livorno, Palma, Cartagena and Gibraltar – bring it on!