I have had a lot of fun doing doggy portraits of late. With Christmas approaching, I have had commissions to draw friends and neighbour's dogs and even a commission via Facebook from wildest Devon.  I love dogs and I have enjoyed the medium of coloured pencils.

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I started off using Inktense pencils, which are nice and creamy, with a strong colour and mix readily on paper, when cross-hatched.  They are water-soluable though, which is great if you want to use them as paint, or in mixed media, but not so great, when you want to use them dry. There is always the danger of a bit of water dripping, or spilling onto the picture and then it gets a bit like that Cadbury's Flake advert, with the rain

Time has flown since we returned from New Zealand and I have not kept this blog up-to date. I even have a list of cruises below, which includes one in April that we didn't go on, due to a double booking. Sorry if you took this cruise expecting my classes, but I'm sure the other tutor was


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I finally have a studio, built just for that purpose.  Yipee!

Diferent art activities require diferent spaces and painters get off reasonably lightly.  I would need a pottery or a foundry for craft or sculpture, but as a painter, I need a little space to scribble and daub and

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I will list all cruises we have planned, just in case anyone reading this would like to join us.


7 April, P&O cruise, MV Azura, Med

2 June, P&O cruise, MV Ventura, Med

23 June, P&O cruise, MV Ventura, Iceland